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5 Tips: Rob Dickinson

Christchurch based photographer Rob Dickinson details 5 quick tips to help you get the most out of your landscape photography.

1. Make sure your gear is working, charged and clean before you go out. Its also best to know your gear well too, where the buttons are (big help for night shooting), what the best conditions to use your lenses in are; they all have sweet spots.

2. Take time to scout out your location. Before you go, go on Google Earth, use an app like Photographer's Ephemeris or Photopills and give yourself plenty of time to look around when you get there, soak up the feeling and find compositions that work for you.

3. Check your cameras settings. Every time you get the camera out of the bag make sure its on the right mode, the right ISO, check shutter and aperture settings, make sure you are shooting RAW. It doesn't take long and can save you, everyone has stories about that epic shot mistakenly taken on small jpg. Canons Custom function modes are great for this, saves the entire camera setup to recall in a moment.

4. Use a tripod even if you think you don't need to. I know its old school, but you can get some good light tripods for not too much money and they will help you produce sharper results more often and help with composition too. Make sure you are shooting level, especially in portrait mode.

5. Review your image, check for exposure, composition and focus etc. Its digital so you can easily take another if something is wrong. It's worth shooting more frames and bracketing, you can always delete them later.

Find out more about Rob & his photography in his Snapshots entry, as well as following him on Facebook or via his website.