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5 Tips: The Official Photographers

Wedding & portrait photography team, The Official Photographers with 5 tips to help improve your portrait photography.

1. Get to know your subject, laugh with them & then pull out the camera.

2. Keep an eye on your surroundings; the last thing you want is a power pole sticking out of someone's head.

3. Use the telephoto end of your lens (zoomed in) and stand further back if you want a more flattering portrait. Using wide angles up close will distort the subject.

4. Direct, don't pose.

5. Reassure your subject that what they are doing in right. Just by saying "perfect, that looks stunning" can really be a game changer. If the subject thinks they are doing something the correct way, they will move with you as you photograph and become confident.

You can find out more about Shannon & Aaron & their photography in their Snapshots entry, as well as following them on Facebook, Twitter and personal website.