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Canon Stories - Myanmar: Jackie Ranken

One of the most interesting places that I have photographed was Myanmar (Burma). I would go back there again and again.

People photography is such an important part of travel photography. I can look in the face of this young worker and immediately be transported back to time of capture. I can feel the hot sun on my back and can smell the heavy air that surrounds these ancient temples.

What makes it so special is the connection I have made with this young worker, through the act of making the portrait I have connected in a way that otherwise would not have happened. Photography can transport you into other peoples lives. 

By coming in close to my subject and using a narrow depth of focus I have separated the subject from the back ground.  The hat works to frame and shade the face and my focus is on the eyes. 


Photographer: Jackie Ranken
Camera: Canon 5DMKII
Lens: Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II USM
Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec
Aperture: F4.6 focal length 32mm
Picture Style: Portrait