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Jackie Ranken: Red Strip #2

Jackie Ranken - Canon Master


I like to make photographs of everyday things and be able to find something special in them. I also like to make images that are part of a series.

This image fits both these categories and that’s how I find favourite shots.

This is a place in the Summer Palace in Beijing where tourists come and have their photograph made while dressed in traditional clothes.

I really enjoy the light, it looked magical. The selective red and yellow hues are so Chinese and the mix of new and old for me is intriguing.

I used my 50mm lens wide open at F1.2 to create a narrow band of focus to bring my eye to the painting of an Empress Dowager deep within the frame.  I feel like I am falling into a fairy tale, like Alice in Wonderland. 




Red Stripe #2 – Beijing

Canon 5DS   F1.2,  1/2640th sec, 100 ISO 

Lens EF 50mm 1.2L USM



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