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Jackie Ranken: Ice Terminal Lake

Canon Master - Jackie Ranken

This one meter long iceberg was on the edge of being swept away into the Tasman River. I had only just arrived at the site and would usually take a little more time to think about the subject, look at where it was sitting in the landscape and then make a preliminary exposure in order to check my idea and composition. This was not one of those occasions; immediate action was called for as I had no idea how long the ice would last. (The ice actually lasted 3 minutes before being washed away).

The subject was quite a distance away from me so I pulled my 70-200 lens from my camera bag to help isolate the ice from the surrounding clutter.  I attached a neutral density filter to the lens so that I could slow the shutter speed down and make the choppy water look silky and cloud-like.

What I like about this image is the contrast in the translucency of the ice to the milky looking in glacial water.  At f8 the depth of focus is deep enough to keep the whole subject sharp and the second shutter speed was not too slow as to show movement of the subject. 

I initially captured the image using monochrome picture style but went back to my Raw file and made it colour again. Once I printed though, I realized I liked it more in black and white. It just proves the point once again, images become realized photographs once they are printed.



Ice- Terminal Lake – Aoraki National Park ©Jackie Ranken

Canon 5DMKIII   F8, 1 sec, 100 ISO 

Lens EF 70-200 F2.8 L IS II USM


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