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Mike Langford: Holiday Washing

Mike Langford - Canon Master 

There is nothing quite like a bit of kiwiarna in the landscape to get me visually excited.

When I first saw this it was from the opposite side and the clothing was back lit and the colour wasn’t very vibrant. I tend to try and walk around my subjects before photographing them, to work out which angle provides the best light.  Keeping the two corrugated-iron buildings on either side of the clothes line in the frame, tells a much bigger story than if I had just shot the clothes line in isolation. It’s now become an environmental portrait of the clothes line as opposed to just a portrait




Holiday Washing

Canon 5DS, EF 70 – 200mm f/2.8L IS USM Focal length 95mm

1/200 sec,  f/11, ISO 100

Picture Style Landscape +3 Contrast + 2 Saturation


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