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Mike Langford: Walter Peak Summer Storm

Mike Langford - Canon Master


One of my favourite times to photograph is in and around storms. I tend to start shooting just before they hit and then work my way right through until they have passed. Sometimes this can take hours and other times they are over and done with in a flash. The important thing is to watch and analyse what’s happening with the light. With this storm it was important to use a long lens, as the action was in quite a specific part of the valley and without getting in close it was easy to miss the drama. By shooting a five frame vertical stitch I was able to put the storm in context within the greater valley. Then to also put the storm in context of the whole valley, it was necessary to shoot a five frame vertical stitch. 


summer 1


Walter Peak Summer Storm

Canon EOS 5DS, EF 300mm f/4 IS USM

Landscape picture style + 4 Contrast +2 Saturation Cloudy white balance



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