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Snapshots: Derek Morrison

Derek Morrison is based in Dunedin, New Zealand, where he runs his successful New Zealand lifestyle photo blog: He also works for a range of commercial and editorial clients throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Derek was studying veterinary science at Massey University in 1992 when distracted by a secondhand Canon AE-1 … and surfing. He had some of the surfing images from his first rolls of film published and never looked back, pursuing instead a career in photography.

He travelled extensively through South Africa, Fiji, United Kingdom and into the mountains of France, Austria and Poland as he developed his craft in his late teens. In 1996 he returned to New Zealand to hone his skills as an action sports photographer.

“I had no fixed abode. I was living in my car and driving throughout New Zealand, chasing swells up and down the coast and taking photos of them. I ate noodles every day, because I had no money – it all went on buying and processing Fuji Velvia transparency film. It was such a great life,” he laughs.

In 2000, Derek got the call from a magazine company in Sydney and this is where he spent the next eight years working as a photojournalist throughout Australia and abroad with various magazine assignments. In 2008, Derek and his family returned to Dunedin where he launched Box of Light – an ambitious photography project to document the beach and mountain lifestyle of New Zealanders served up in a weekly report every Tuesday at 10:30am.

His clients include Tourism New Zealand, Great Ocean Quarterly, Australian Geographic Outdoor, Dive Otago, Skyline Enterprises, New Zealand Mountain Biker, Mayne Publications, Tourism Dunedin, Photosport, Dunedin Venues and more.

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