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Snapshots: The Official Photographers

Shannon Rolfe & Aaron Radford are The Official Photographers. Meeting in 2011, when event photography and landscape dates with their cameras turned into an everyday treat, the now engaged team are documentary style wedding photographers that base themselves between New Zealand & London.

How did you come to the world of photography?

We both find it really hard to answer this question! It came to Aaron at a young age; intrigued at the latest cameras & gadgets, over time it became a passion for beautiful landscapes. For me (Shannon) it was a high school year in a foreign country, where I wanted to document an unfamiliar place.

What keeps you inspired?

Each other in a way! We both had very different ideas on photography when we met, now they have spiraled into something new and innovative, as a team. The world of social media is certainly awesome for inspiration too. Learning, chatting and looking up to others in the photography world on a daily basis.

Do you have a unifying theme that flows throughout your photographs?

Landscapes in everything we do.  We always step back and get everything as it appears from a far.  Whether it is a landscape, a wedding or a person in a place – we will always capture the surroundings, we love that!

If there's one piece of advice you could give to your 20 year old self, what would it be?

Follow your passion in your career pathway; you can’t be fulfilled everyday doing something you don’t love.

What’s that odd or quirky piece of equipment in your kit bag?

A homemade snoot (flash diffuser) made of drinking straws and black card!

Have you injured yourself in pursuit of a shot?

We both used to be nightlife photographers, so if attacked by intoxicated people for photos counts, then yes.

Is there an area of photography you'd like to explore more? 

Different types of photojournalism, there are so many special moments in life to capture. In the quiet months we will be looking at working on a few series depicting births, family life, work, personal & hobbies, looking heavily at environmental portraiture.

What piece of equipment is next on the photography shopping list?

Aaron laughed and said, “I’m a bit like a woman and shopping for clothes when it comes to camera gear shopping lists.  I’d take it all if I could.” Realistically though, Canon 24mm f/1.4L II
Shannon said Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II

You can stay up to date with Aaron & Shannon and their travels via their Facebook, Twitter and personal website.