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Snapshots: Rob Dickinson

Rob Dickinson is a Christchurch based amateur landscape photographer. Originally from the UK , but now officially a Kiwi, Rob love's shooting big high impact photographs and always trying to shoot in conditions that will get the results he's after. Shooting in New Zealand with its great, super dark skies has resulted in a healthy passion for astro-photography.

How did you come to the world of photography?

I’ve always been into photography, right from school where we had a dark room to use, but since moving to New Zealand 10 years ago, the explosion of digital cameras has ignited my passion for shooting landscapes.

What keeps you inspired?

Natures beauty, seeing awesome images from people and being part of a huge online community, and getting to shoot locations in my own way.

What motivates you on a daily basis to pursue your love of photography?

My normal drive to work starts with an ocean view which gets me going, then there is all the awesome images I see on sites like Facebook and 500px, the possibilities are endless, just wish I had more time to shoot!

Do you have a unifying theme that flows throughout your photographs?

Almost everything I shoot features water, I can't keep away from it. Rivers, oceans, lakes, its not so much a conscious decision its just where I end up shooting.

If there's one piece of advice you could give to your 20 year old self, what would it be?

Move to New Zealand sooner!

What’s that odd or quirky piece of equipment in your kit bag?

Not sure I have anything quirky at the moment.. I have a carabina on my bag to hang it from by tripod, best $2 I have spent I think! Other than that I wouldn't be without an Arca-Swiss compatible L plate for my camera body.

Have you injured yourself in pursuit of a shot?

Luckily no, I’ve managed to get quite soaked but never hurt. Too many stories of photographers hurt or killed by going too far, best to be careful, especially out at night in the dark.

Is there an area of photography you'd like to explore more?

I’m pretty happy shooting landscapes and astro at the moment. Within that I would love to shoot more mountain, alpine and Antarctic scenes. I’d love to shoot more wildlife but I just don’t have the patience.

What piece of equipment is next on the photography shopping list?

I’m always looking at new gear but rarely buy.. I prefer a small set of gear that I know works for me. Saying that I am looking for a second body and tempted with some time lapse gear.

You can stay up to date with Rob and his adventures via his Facebook and personal website.