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Spotlight: Richard Hodder

After 7 years working the 9-5 grind in a variety of finance and sales roles, a call for change rung in Richard Hodder's ears. He wanted more time in the water and less time pushing paper. This all had to change.

Taking the leap out of his comfortable, and somewhat easy working life, down the creative path has lead him on a journey that has challenged him to create work better than he could have ever expected. 

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Describe your photography style in 3 words
My photography is experimental, raw and unprescribed.


How did you start taking photos?
I went on a trip to Australia for a year after high school and I bought a camera before I left so I could take photos and share my trip with friends and family back home. The photos were mainly of the surf, or what was happening in my little world. I kept a blog which I continued during the following years while I travelled during university holidays and over-time, I started to really get excited sharing the photos of experiences and places I had been to, particually thanks to the comments and appreciation I would get from my friends of what I was up to, I got a lot of enjoyment out of it even after the actual event took place and I loved how a photo seemed to make the memory last longer…. eventually I started to seek out beautiful places or moments and always had my camera ready.


Why do you take photos?
Because it is my favourite way to describe myself and the best excuse to go somewhere new.


What role does photography play in your life?
It opens opportunities to explore, create and challenge myself every day and it keeps my eyes open looking for what’s next at all times. I’ve had some great support from brands and close friends and its the connection with others that totally makes it all worth it for me.


What are the three things you don’t leave home without when you go on an adventure?
Camera, Coffee, Cash. Without all three, you aint going nowhere.

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What was your most memorable trip and why?
I did a walk along the West coast of Auckland with a friend Chris Dunn. It was a few days before new years and the weather was perfect… It was memorable because we walked for three days bare foot and slept under the stars and surfed the whole way up the coast, can you ask for a better combo, it was like a dream. After stating I was keen for the adventure I tried to pull out last minute but it was too late, I couldn’t let my friend down. It’s important to surround yourself with motivated people and people willing to take risks. Chris is one of those people who is a real ‘doer’


Do you have any simple tips for photography for someone just getting started?
I would say… try not to shoot something you have seen before if possible, in other words - find an interesting subject and if possible try get something between yourself and the subject. Natural composition and personal style is really something that takes time to develop so take photos every day and be patient. It’s a natural evolution. Seeking out other photographers is a great way too to develop and improve, no doubt you may get rejected a few times but if you can spend a day with someone passionate about photo taking, you will learn a lot, quickly! I guarantee they will learn something from you too!!


What’s the best advise anyone ever gave you?
It’s cheeeeesy as, but my dad has always said to me… “If you think you can, or you think you can’t… You're right”. Don’t wait for the approval of others, life is too short to be spending it trying to impress someone else.

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